Great things about being on holiday is that I now have a chance to have lunch around town.  So a friend and I decided to go to Grill Meats Beer.  However, as it does not open for lunches at the beginning of the week we decided to go to Duke Carvell’s Emporium. I have been there a few times over brunch but my first time having lunch.  Duke;s have a lunch special. However, I decided to go for a few small plates.

Sumac Fried Chicken Slider

This is a very nice slider. The bun was made of milk and steamed and had a nice taste to it and the chicken was cooked very nicely and crisp.  The slaw was very nice and tasty as well.  All together this slider is great.  I could of eaten quite a few easily.


Smoke and Fried Chicken Wings

A very nice smoked flavour with good spice.  The meat did come off the bone to easily and I would of liked the meat not to be so soft in texture.  It was nicely presented in a bowl with a side bowl for bones, would also been good nice with a bowl of water for your fingers, as you could have not used a fork and knife to get the meat off the bones.


Hand Cut Fries

These triple cocked fries were awesome and some of the best in town with a good side sauce of aioli.  The fries, are not entirely fries and more like chips as they were big and thick.  I also do think that some were too big and was difficult not to double dip the chips.  As good as Larder, not quite.


Overall this place is still good and see why people always come here to eat.  A good menu that caters to all and even though I have not written about their weekend brunch it is well worth going to visit.