Now Closed

I decided to organise a catchup with Mads. Mads got to decide where to go and she decided we go try Bel Mondo as we both live in the area. Bel Mondo is a half food market and half cafe and now occupies the failed World Market in the Airport Retail complex in Rongotai. A few weeks ago, I was not surprised to see World Market had closed down and that a new owner had been found. Then a few days later, I noticed that in its place Bel Mondo was going to open and that it is a subsidiary of Bella Italiano in Petone.



Mads and I originally decided to just go for morning tea. However, plans do change when you have nothing else on for the day. The Tiramisu is very nice, but also not surprised as I like the Tiramisu at Bella Italiano. When it comes to tiramisu, I am not sure if I like it to be moister from the coffee or slightly drier. However, they make a really good tiramisu and each of the different flavours do not overpower each other. It is just so good!

Flat White


They use L’affare beans at Bel Mondo and looking back, I should have tried an espresso instead of a typical NZ Flat White. However, they make an alright coffee here, not as strong as I would typically like and the crema was on the lighter side that I am used to.



After we had finished our Morning Tea, Mads and I saw a pizza go bye and so we decided to try one. Originally we were slightly apprehensive about ordering one, as the pizza in the cabinet were more thick crust pizza but the ones made to order are thin crust. So we decided to order a fresh one to share. The pizza had a very simple tomato base with some parmesan grated on top (I think). The crust was very crisp and overall a very nice pizza.

When sitting down, I was surprised to see how many people came in while we were there, a lot more than it’s predecessor. I also walked passed it in the weekend and it was buzzing. The food here is good and very reasonably priced. The cakes in the cabinet look good and the other food that came out also looked good. I do wonder if they are going to expand their menu and also start offering a dinner service as they close around 5.30 and 6pm depending on the day, as I would love to have one of their pizzas for dinner. This is a welcome addition to the food offering in the Bay and I think I will come here quite some bit for the tiramisu.

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