My extended family of 13 decided to go to Coene’s Provisions to celebrate a Belated Father’s day. It can be very difficult for the family to see each other so we try and make some kind of effort to go out for Mother’s / Father’s Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year. It is rather hard as we have three generations of the family with the older generation being the hardest as they have the higher exception of food and are the fussiest. However, it is a great test to see if a restaurant can keep up with my families demands.

Eggs Bennie


Potato Rosti, Apple & Mustard Hollandaise with Smoked Salmon (Version 1)


Version 2; Hollandaise on side

Mulan had her dish with Hollandaise on the side, which i thought was a better presentation compared to mine which had Hollandaise on top of everything, with my poached egg fallen to the side.  Besides the presentation, I really liked this dish. The potato rosti’s where crisp and smooth on the inside, the smoked salmon which I thought would be sliced was in big chunks and the eggs were nicely poached. Overall it was a great dish, but if it was not for some of my other family members chips I would of still been hungry.

Rumour has it that Coene’s has not been as successful as the owners would of liked it to be. However, things have slowly changed with a change of staff. When we went it was relatively busy and they were pumping out food pretty fast. For a table of 13, they did very well and I was impressed with their service. Coene’s has one of the best views of the harbour and obviously a view does not necessarily impressed Wellington diners. My only negative thing about Coene’s is they use L’affare beans. So I did not have a coffee, also I wished they sold milkshakes.

Previous Visits; July 2015

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