After researching and looking things up on TripAdvisor. I had to go try Taco Medic. It is rated number one for restaurants in Queenstown and the funny thing is this place is just a hole in the wall in a little lane way in the township. There is a bit of seating but only for about twenty people on a long table, but I believe that most people will have their food takeaway.

The Fisherman

Oaxacan spice rubbed “fish of the day” (pan seared): red slaw, citrus tartare, pink pickled onions, organic coriander

Was recommended to me by one of the people in the booth. The fish was sole and was nicely cooked, seasoned and not over done. The red slaw was really nice and the citrus tartare and the pickled onions gave the refreshing sour taste that works well with fish. Overall a nice taco

The Ken Tuckyman

Escondido spiced free range crunchy chicken: Green slaw, mango salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, organic coriander 

The chicken was nicely cooked and seasoned as well but I thought it would of be slightly more crunchy than it was. The green slaw was very nice and the mango salsa and chipotle mayonnaise really tied everything together. Again a nice taco.

Overall this place is good and everything is made from scratch including the tacos which are made from corn that is imported from Mexico. The tacos are not the most attractive looking thing but are fresh and taste nice. I can see why this place is popular with everything being fresh and organic but I do not quite understand why it is rated number one on TripAdvisor.

Website; Taco Medic

Address; 3 Searle Ln, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand