As a family activity with my Brother Bear’s cubs, we decided to go on the short tour of Cadbury World. The short tour consists of walking through the Cadbury museum, get some free chocolate and also get discount at the Cadbury World Cafe. It was entertaining for the cubs but I felt it was slightly dated, but it kept the cubs entertained for a good 30 minutes and beats paying the $22 to go on the guided tour. After the short tour we went into the gift shop and then eventually made our way to the cafe as the cubs were getting hungry.

Sausage Roll


Originally I was not going to eat anything here. However, after Brother Bear ordered some food for the cubs, I decided to get some. The sausage roll was really good. The filling was made of dense sausage meat and  the pastry was really slightly thick and surprisingly crisp as it was reheated after the order.  Overall one of the best sausage rolls I have eat.

Feta and Spanish Roll


Momma Bear ordered this. It was also surprisingly very good. The inside was potato mash with spinach and feta. It was tasty and the pastry was crisp as the sausage roll. The chutney on the side went along side the spinach and feta roll really nicely and also went well with the sausage roll.

Hot Chocolate; Coconut Rough


I thought this would be a thick hot chocolate instead this was just a normal hot chocolate with some coconut flavouring plus it was overly sweet. This was a real disappointment.

Overall I was surprised how good this place was. The savoury food was good and the sweets looked rather appetising.  However, I was really disappointed in the hot chocolate, especially for the price of $6. Who would of thought the world of cadbury would have a good cafe.

Website; Cadbury World Cafe

Address; 280 Cumberland St, Dunedin, 9016, New Zealand