In Dunedin for a wedding and of course we have to find places to eat. It can be difficult when it is a family member’s wedding as a large contigent of my family like to attend weddings.  As my larger family line all around the world you all want to catch up. So some of us wanted to catch for brunch the day of the wedding and decided to go to The Good Oil, which was actually across the road from my accommodation. Nine of us and two toddlers sat down for brunch.

Kumar Mash

With smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

This is not what I expected for some strange reason but I am glad I ordered it. The kumara mash was really nicely seasoned and was really smooth, as fine they strained it through something. The smoked salmon was really nice, it had a nice smoked taste to it and there was a large chunk of it. The poached eggs were nicely cooked and to it off with the hollandaise and some balsamic syrup squirted around the dish. It was overall a really nice dish.

Flat White

I had not had a coffee the whole trip until today. I saw it was All Press and to be honest I was not expecting much. Although there was no beautiful design on top from the milk, I could tell this coffee will be on the stronger side and it was. I really enjoyed it and is the best All Press Flat White I have had to date. 

Cinnamon Scroll

The Good Oil is apparently known for their cinnamon scrolls. When it came to my table I was surprised to see it had butter on the side. However, most things are always better with butter. The scroll was really nice and not dry and had a hint of sweetness. One of the best cinnamon scrolls I have had.

Even though there was nice adults they served the food here really fast. The kitchen is just really on top of their game. However, the wait staff not so much. Ordering the food was easy and then you get a number to put on table, but when the wait staff have your food they briskly walk around the Cafe several times looking for your number instead of walking around slowly too find your number. Overall a great Cafe and if I visit Dunedin again I will be back.

Website; The Good Oil

Address; 314 George St, Dunedin, 9016, New Zealand