I stumbled onto this place while waiting for the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery to open. I had heard of Ozone Coffee Roasters before and thought I would have a brew to see what they taste like. Their show room is very nicely laid out with several seating areas and divided into three different areas with some views of the cupping room and the warehouse.

I decided that I did not want something from the espresso machine and instead wanted a brew. So I decided to have a v60. I asked the barista what the difference in the brews were and he asked me what kind of brew that I liked. I gave him my preferences and he recommended the Biftu Gudina for me.

Single Origin; Biftu Gudina


This was actually a very easy brew to drink. It was dark which I liked but very well rounded with warm notes of summer fruits like peaches but had warmth from some cinnamon tasting notes. It was refreshing but not overly sweet, which I like. Also it tasted very similar to a tea brew than an actual brew of coffee. Overall I really like this single origin roast.

After sampling the brew, I read the tasting notes and I was very impressed with detail they give. I also love how they describe the body of the brew and called it juicy, which i can actually see why.

Overall a very nice place to have a coffee. Great open space and fantastic service from people that really know their coffee and very helpful. I will need to go back one day and actually just try their espresso blend and see what it tastes like.

Website; Ozone Coffee

Address; 47 King St, New Plymouth Central