So here is round two. I cannot believe I have already eaten so many burgers and I do wonder what my bank balance looks like.

Franziska: Sudaca Burger


Housemade chorizo patty made with free range pork with avocado, edam, mayonnaise and pebre sauce in a housemade bun, with handcut soft fries

When this came to the table, I was surprised how tall this burger was and how everything was filled to the edges of the bun.  The fries were good, but your typical french fries. However, the burger was completely different. First off, I was surprised to feel that the bun was still warm and toasted on the outside and side. When you cut the burger, some of the sauces fall out, but I was not disappointed about it. The patty was tender and had a nice kick to it, with the edam cheese melted on top. The avocado was pureed and the pebre sauce was really nice. I really liked this burger. All the elements worked together. My best burger I have had so far.

Score 10/10

Laundry; Delta Chook & The Smokey Two


Mississippi-style crispy buttermilk chicken pieces with candied bacon, chipotle cream, tomato ragoût, beer battered pickles, herb-infused spring onions, and rocket in a Zaida’s bun

Laundry does good burgers and was interested in giving this one a try, also because it was a fried chicken burger. The Burger was surprisingly tall and you could see the different ingredients in the burger. The bun was nice and toasted in the inside, I thought all the different elements worked well together. I really liked the beer battered pickle as it was crunchy and packed quite a punch, The chicken was nice but I did think it was a bit dry as they used a breast piece of chicken. Overall not a bad burger

Score 8.5/10

The Beat Chicken: Buckwheat Bulgogi Burger


Marinated 18 hour-braised bulgogi beef with gochujang mayonnaise and kimchi croquette, slaw, in a Clareville Bakery buckwheat bun

This is the mother of all burgers. It basically fills the container that it comes in and you cannot close the lids. The piece of bulgogi beef was thick and just melted in your mouth. The kimchi croquette was really nice but be careful as it is hot inside and can burn your mouth. The slaw and mayonnaise go really well with the croquette and the beef and the bun is grilled. Overall a fantastic burger!

Score 10/10

Dillingers; Three Little Piggies


Apple-smoked pork cheeks with bacon, mustard slaw, and baconnaise in a Brezelmania potato bun

It was very obvious that the bun was toasted on the outside but it was also on the inside. Looking back at this burger, I understand what they wanted to do with this burger. However, for me, it just did not work. I think they were trying to go for the Southern American BBQ flavour/style cuisine, but the spice just basically killed all the flavours that were meant to come through. I love my spice and chili, but this just did not work for me.

Score: 7/10