My group did a tour around Harlem and watched a Gospel Choir and then went to the Bronx and did a Graffiti workshop. Our guide was fantastic and took us to Full Moon Pizza for lunch. It seemed like everyone knew about this place and so I was happy to give this place a try.

Pepperoni Pizza


This place was definitely better than the place we had close to our accommodation in the Upper West Side. The pizza was nice and thin and had a nice crispness to it. I love how when you cook a pizza with pepperoni the oil comes out of it. The pizza was really good with a nice tomato base and the amount of cheese on the pizza. A great pepperoni pizza.

Mozerella Pizza


This was another great slice with a nice thin base that had a nice slight crunch to it. The tomato base was really nice and had a bit of tartness to it and I loved the oregano to it. Nice slices of buffalo cheese and a good amount of fresh basil. Again a really nice slice.

I can see how this is well known with the locals in The Bronx. The slices were really nice and the original pizza pie is massive. There are heaps of seats and I love how they also have outside seating. The service is fast and the pizzas come out steaming hot. What else do you need in great pizza?

Address: 600 E 187th St, Bronx

Website: Full Moon Pizza