I managed to get some vouchers for this event so of course, I went. If it was not for the vouchers I would have skipped this event and I asked Mulan to tag along. We arrived at five and the place was already starting to pack. This event was “pay on consumption” due to Press Hall being a Food Court but the great thing was, we could try all the different stalls and the different cuisines they sell.

Yoshi Sushi and Bento

Russian Roulette Takoyaki


These were really nice and had nice flavours inside. I loved the sauces on top with the seaweed and spring onions as well. Mulan got the spicy takoyaki and regretted it ever since. I tasted some of the hot sauce left behind and it was pretty hot.

Spicy Kaisen Poke


This poke bowl was packed with nice pieces of salmon, tuna and prawn with nice pieces of avocado, cucumber and red cabbage and the sauce that was with it. I loved the sprinkling of sesame seeds and other spices on top but I would have preferred if they just added a bit more rice. Overall a nice dish.

The Lab

Spicy Korean Pork Belly with Kimchi Slaw; Uncle Kim Hot (THE LAST DAB)


I had to try this one. Purely because the hot sauce they use is from the Youtube Channel: First We Feast: Hot Ones. The pork was cooked really nicely and I loved salad and kimchi at the bottom. The Dab sauce was hot!. I could take it but it did burn. I really loved this eating experience and having the opportunity to try this Hot Sauce.


NAM D Signature Chilli Chicken


I had this because I had to use my last voucher. The chicken was quite nice and I actually moved everything together. So the salad with tomatoes, chilli sauce and the chicken with nicely cooked spices and onions. When I did this, it made a much better dish and combining all the flavours. It was not as spicy as I thought it would be but it did have a slight kick and I nice fish sauce flavour.

Overall a very good event. I enjoyed myself, but I was slightly rushed as I need to be somewhere at 6. The food offering was good but I thought the food that I did have lacked the theme which was spicy food. I slight shame!