Zelati has opened its first store just off Cuba Mall in Left Bank Lane. It is a nice little shop with some seats and tables and with the ability to also sit outside with weather permitting. Besides just sell gelato and sorbet they also sell cookies and serve Havana Coffee.

Zelati doesn’t sell your typical Vanilla and Chocolate flavours of Sorbet or Gelato. They have interesting flavours like Chocolate Fudge, Affogato, Coconut and Purple Kumara, and Matcha just to name a few. Their Sorbets are vegan and gluten-free while they also make a sorbet called Sorbetes while are mixed with coconut produce to make their sorbets a bit creamier. While the gelato is milked base. I do wonder though if their sorbets can accommodate people with celiacs.

Their cookies are good and are also vegan with flavours; fruit and nut, chocolate chip and double chocolate. You can buy them separately but you can also make a sandwich with them with adding gelato or sorbet as the filling. With the sandwich, you can even have two different types of cookies to make the sandwich. I do have to say that mixing the cookies is a good idea and great with the affogato gelato.


This place is definitely a dessert parlour, the frozen goods are not made on-site but the cookies are. Also, you can have waffles with your gelato if you want or have an affogato with an espresso or a Spanish hot chocolate. Although. the premise may seem small, I think it works for them. The layout works well and if it is a warm day you can go sit outside and eat. The service is good and of course, you can sample before you buy which is an awesome bonus.

Address: Left Bank, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Zelati