I have been looking for somewhere in Wellington that serves good Japanese Ramen. People have given me suggestions. However, personally they don’t fit the bill. Townhouse Ramen have been on my radar for sometime. However, have never managed to get an opportunity to try them out. It originally started with then making and serving ramen out of their Townhouse a few years back. More recently they have partnered up with Grace Patisserie and use their premises once in a while in the evenings to serve a three course meal where you have to book or go into a raffle to see if your name gets drawn. But more recently they have been offering a Pop-up at Food Envy’s premises. At the Pop-up they serve two ramen options you can chose from. I finally made it to a Pop-up and try them out and see if I have finally managed to find somewhere to get good Japanese Ramen.

Tonkotsu Ramen

So I and Mulan llined up for slightly over an hour before we got seated. We were there just before 5 pm and got seated a bit after 6. We decided to order one of each Ramen on the menu; Tonkotsu and Shoyu Ramen. They were both very different bowls, but both tasted very good. The Tonkotsu, was super creamy and the noodles had a really nice bite to them. Surprisingly this bowl was actually quite filling and the pieces of char siu were totally on point. The Shoyu ramen was also very good. It tasted a lot cleaner and natural. However, it was more salty. The chars siu was also good but tasted different and I loved the spring onions in the bowl. The boiled eggs were on point and I love this style of boiled egg and I also love nori added into of the bowls.

Shoyu Ramen

I was really impressed with Townhouse Ramen and you can tell that everything made here took a lot of time to prepare. The price for a ramen bowl is $25 and I originally thought it was a bit on the pricey side and the servings were a bit small. However, when you start to eat the ramen you understand. Wellington, does have a place that serves good ramen. However, trying to eat their ramen is not the easiest. If you want to try them out, follow them on Instagram and you will know when and where they are serving ramen in Wellington.

Instagram: Townhouse Ramen