Just wanted to get out of Wellington and a friend of mine suggested I go to Ōtautahi and maybe visit some other friends and family members. I thought it was a good idea, so off I went on a whim and see what I could do.

Ended up visiting some old places that I have visited before, to see if they last the test of time. First up was Empire. I had some good chicken last time and needed a snack so ordered their Snack Box. The chips were obviously cut in house and had a nice seasoning on them. The chicken was really moist, but actually, I was not a fan of the seasoning this time around. Maybe because it reminded me a bit too much of KFC and I rarely have KFC. Looking at my past posts, I should have gone for the Buffalo.

Another place I revisited was Bacon Bros. I have been here every time I have visited Ōtautahi. This time I ordered, “Shane The Legend” and some of their hand-cut chips. My biggest mistake was I didn’t get any napkins and as I was eating by myself it was not possible for me to get some once I had my burger. So I really struggled with it. The burger was falling apart and my fingers were just getting dirtier and dirtier. I ended up eating the individual items inside the burger one by one and I just ended up not enjoying the burger. Just a shame!

For a cheeky ice cream, I went back to Rollickin. Had the Hokey Tokey Pokey and the Hello Mango. I feel this place is slightly overpriced and is relying on its repetition. I was not overly impressed with the two flavours I chose and I feel were average.

The last stop on the revisiting tour was Dimitris Greek Food at Riverside. I ordered the double with Lamb and falafel and I have to say, it was bloody good. I forgot they actually give you chunks of cooked lamb and the falafel was tasty. I highly recommend this place. It is so good. I didn’t end up finishing mine, but I was totally OK with that as I totally enjoyed it.


Empire Chicken

Bacon Bros

Rollickin Gelato

Dimitris Greek Food