Another new eatery has opened up in Wellington and this one has got my attention. I have no idea how it got its name but could be an interesting story, although it is on 145 Willis Street. The new restaurant is situated in the old premises of (Seoul Salon; RIP). Platform145 sells Korean Fried Chicken in three varieties; in a burger, boneless and with bone. They also sell a cauliflower option.

I decided to order the meal with Yummy Spice and when it arrived I was slightly blown away on how many pieces of chicken I got. The fries are thinly cut but have the skins on them, which gave the fries a bit more flavour. The oil they used was fresh and the fries were excellent. The coleslaw was really nice and had some pickled vegetables in it and give it a nice tang to it. Of course, the important part of the meal was the Fried Chicken and I was very impressed. The chicken was crunchy, seasoned nicely and loved the yummy spicy sauce. It had a really nice kick to it and loved the sweetness to it. It was just yummy.

Went back a few days later and tried the Cauliflower version and the Kiwi Spicy Burger. Going with the Cauliflower, what a very interesting way to have a vegetarian option of Fried Chicken. The serving was massive and the cauliflower kept its shape and was really chunky. The seasoning they added to the cauliflower tasted like vegetable seasoning and I ended up using the sauce for the chips on it. I felt the cauliflower just missed a sauce or something. It wasn’t dry and was really nicely cooked but needed something else to lift the dish.

Finally the Burger. I was blown away by how big it was and I really appreciated how it came with a steak knife and also a stick. The steak knife was used to cut the monster and the stick so it didn’t just collapse once you had cut it. In the burger, it was slightly different to the one on the menu and had fried onions and cheese with it, instead of pickled red cabbage. However, I wasn’t going to complain as it was bloody good. The chicken piece was massive and was a thigh piece, heaps of onions a good amount of pickles, cheese and all inside a toasted brioche bun. Far out!!!

Overall this could be more favourite place to get Korean Fried Chicken. Let’s hope it stays consistent. The chicken was juicy and the coating was crispy. Yummy!!!!!

Address: 145 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Instagram: Platform145