Back in NYC, Baby! Still have to pinch myself that I am still here, but I love this place, and if you ever get an opportunity to get here, you must. Direct flight from Auckland makes it so much easier as well. I did go Premium Economy, and if you can afford it, it is well worth it.

I started my day on a good note and went the Chiwi (Chinese Kiwi) way. I decided to get myself a cheap Chinese breakfast of Cheung Fun. I have been here numerous times since my cousin introduced me to this place in 06, but I had to return and have it as it is so good.

BBQ Pork Cheung Fun

If you don’t know what Cheung Fun is, it is these long white steamed noodles, and instead of cutting them into long thick noodle shapes, they curl them over and add ingredients while it is cooking or put them on top. I ordered BBQ pork and Beef Brisket. BBQ pork is one of my favourites, and I had never tried Beef Brisket before. On both, I added some hoisin, soy sauce and some sriracha. The first bite of the pork and all the memories came flying back. It was so good. The Beef Brisket was OK, and now I know it is not my favourite. The brisket was tender but just needed a bit more flavour and had too many little pieces of ginger in there.

Beef Brisket Cheug Fun

Man, I will have to go back and eat some more, I didn’t add an egg to either of them, but that will be for next time. I just wanted to go plain and simple this time.

Address: 58 Henry St, New York, NY 10002

Website: Sun Hing Lung Co