My cousin recommended we go to the Time Out market in DUMBO and grab dinner and a drink. The market is out very nicely laid out food court over two floors. The bottom floor is mainly eateries, while the top floor has a bar and some other eateries and a beautiful Manhattan skyline.

We decided to go to Jacob’s Pickles mainly due to their southern fried chicken in a biscuit bun. We did have a hard time deciding what to eat, and that was primarily due to serving size and options to go with the chicken. We settled on Nashville Chicken and Honey Chicken and Pickles and a side of Mac n cheese. The serving size is of the typical American size. So lots of it.

When ordering, we asked them to cut it in half, which means “split it”. The Nashville, we both had first, and I was impressed. It had a nice hit to it with a bit of Indian spice to it and was more of a thick drip they added to the chicken. The chicken was nice and crispy, and their coating was delicious. It was packed with pickles, which was good and the biscuit was light and fluffy. Altogether was really nice.

The Honey Chicken was good, but I feel if we had this one first we would have enjoyed it more. The Nashville in comparison was just really good. The Honey had a nice sweet coating to it and the chicken was the same as the Nashville, but having all those pickles in it made it really nice.

The Mac n Cheese was really american. I really did like it and it is a bit of an experience. It is rather heavy. We did want the Cesar salad side. However, they had sold out.

After dinner, we went upstairs to the roof and had a cocktail outside. The cocktails though were pretty weak and felt it i was drinking lolly water. It was a mild night and we were the only ones outside which was nice, but the views of the Manhattan Skyline was so good and I good free viewing point if you just want to see the skyline from a higher perspective in DUMBO.

Overall a great place to visit. With different kinds of eateries, and great atmoshpere.