So Most people know it is very hard to get good coffee in London and this is my little guide about good coffee in London town.

The place I rate the best is Flat white in Soho and its sister store Milkbar.  A company set up by New Zealanders with some nice subtle kiwiana atmosphere about it. They make a mean coffee that is rich and with a full body.  I really enjoyed it and tastes like coffee from home.  Funny store; One of the staff at Milkbar was one of the sisters in the movie My Wedding and other Secrets and we were talking about how people in London don’t understand how a Chinese person can call themselves a New Zealander as they look Chinese.  My Pakeha New Zealand friend could not stop laughing during the whole conversation.

IMG_4449The next coffee shop I rate is Monmouth Coffee.  It’s main cafe/shop is in Monmouth Street in Convent Garden.  This place changes it espresso coffee daily to a different blend.  It also makes a mean Flat white and this place is forever busy.  This places sales its on blends, espressos and filter coffee.  I also went to its Borough Market shop and there is a line outside there as well, especially on a Saturday.  They also make a very good chocolate brownie, better then my recipe.

Next in line is Speakeasy Espresso and Brew Bar just off Carnaby Street.  This place is pretty new but I suspect it will grow in popularity.  It is the sister company of Department of Coffee and Social Affairs which I have not tired yet, but one day I will.

Finally the last one that I know of and I would have to say my least favourite is Sacred Coffee.  Don’t get me wrong they still make a very good coffee, but I prefer the beans at other cafes.  I also felt there store just off Carnaby street just had a bit too much kiwiana stuff in it.