So what else can you eat when you are in London?  It is a good question.  I never thought that London would be a place to get good food.  Well it ain’t great unless it is expensive but it is good.

First off I have to say how good the meal deals are at Boots, Sainsburys and Tescos.  They have saved me numerous times and a lot of money.  I cannot say they are gourmet food, but a sandwich, a snack food item and a drink for 3.50, 2.90 and 2.50 respectably are very good.  I have to say Tescos is not great but when you cannot find a Sainsburys or Boots just before work it will do.

CIMG0145So lets go to the better places.  First off China Town.  I have to say this place is great for cheap eats in Town.  I cannot say I have been everywhere but I have tired a few places.  The best place for dumplings is this Cafe off Gerard St and it is on the corner near the pagoda in a green building called Jen.  They make very good dumplings and they are really fast and always busy.  I have to say the busiest places in any china town around the world is always a good place to get a feed.  I also have to comment about the chinese bakeries.  I am a sucker for chinese bread and I have to say that I really do not rate any of the bakeries in China Town, I feel that they all over bake their bread and it is most of the time dry.


Next is my favorite market and that is Boroughs Market.  The food here is just great.  You should never go here on a full stomach as there is so much food to sample.  Try to go on a weekday.  This place is so busy on a Saturday it is not funny.  Best day I found is a Thursday.  Less people and even less tourists.  LOL! The chocolate brownies here are really nice at all the stalls and sampling all the cheese were great.  Also tired and bought some baklava and the french bakery stuff were great espeically the Canele.  Also there is a Monmouth Coffee shop where the line just goes on and on and on.  This place is forever busy.  Other food you can sample for free were; Turkish delight, lots of dried sausages and meat, Olive oils, and even some hot foods.  A lot of people queued for boiled potatoes and melted cheese on top with gherkins.  I tried it and have to say I was not a fan.  Also had some paella which was really nice.  The best thing I really like though was this shop that sold this Kebabs on a roll.  This was so far the best food that I tired while I was here at the market.  So nice and the sauces you can put or just made it even better.  They guys that cook it even recommend which sauce should go with with meat you chose.5316367529_6a44ab8e05