The most famous market in Melbourne is of course QVC market.  This place is awesome, crazy, and cheap.  A love this place and since my first visit to Melbourne I have always visited this place and every time I have been I have done the following two things.  The first is to get a Bratwurst and then get a Borek.  Every time I go there are always lots of people lining up and there is a reason for this and it is because they are just so good.

With the Bratwurst, there are many different flavors you can get.  I have not yet decided which one I like the best, but they are well worth the $7.50 you pay.  You can get spicy ones, pork and beef, just pork, just beef or kranskys. The bratwurst are juicy with lots of flavor and you can get added grated cheese, with a selection of different mustards and you can also put on onions or sauerkraut or both.  I typically go for mustard, onions and a different sausage each time.  I know it is a bit ordinary, but it is just so good.  So good it is making my mouth water.


Next are the Borek.  Is a Middle eastern baked pastry/bread thing filled with fillings such as feta and spinach, spicy beef, and another flavor I cannot remember. These things, just fly out the door as they are only $2.50 and oh so nice.  The ladies that make them really do not get a break and there is always a fresh batch being cooked.  I did try the vegetarian option and was not all too convinced about it, but the meat varieties are so nice.  Again my mouth is watering.


The Borek and the Bratwurst can be found in the deli section, where there are other sellers selling coffee and teas, bread, roast chickens, dips, olives, cured meats, cheeses, and fresh pasta.  The smell that comes from some of these stalls is just so nice.

QVC is also very good for its fresh produce.  The fruit and vegetables are fresh and cheap and there is a organic section for thoses types of people (yes you are a type).  There is also an air condition area where there are lots of butchers selling all kinds of meat and fish suppliers selling all the seafood that Australia is known for.  The only unfortunate thing you cannot get in QVC is the Blue Cod, the best type of fish hands down.

To buy the fresh produce, if you want to pay the low prices you need to go just before the market closes, when the sellers are trying to get ride of there produce.  You can get some really cheap meat and some really good cuts.  I have tired pork neck while I have been here and it is a really nice tender piece of meat.  Also I cannot believe how cheap the prices for meat actually is at this place.

QVC also offer a night market in the summer.  It is fun to go to and there are quite a few stalls selling arts and crafts and clothing, but there is also stalls selling food from all over the world.  Now there is some really nice food being sold, but it is really expensive for what you get.  I tired a Korean potato cake and had some jerk chicken.  I have to say I love my southern food and the jerk chicken was really nice with the rice, but for $15 at a market was totally over priced and felt I was paying cafe prices where I was not guaranteed a seat.  The Korean potato was also really nice and the lines to get these really really long.  People line up for ages to get these.  Basically it is sliced potato put on a stick and it is cut in a way that it spirals down the stick.  They then batter it and deep fry it, and you can chose which flavor you want on it, like potato chips.  crazy, but very popular.

This summer night market gets really busy, but as I said well worth the visit and with live music can be a really nice place to hang with mates during the summer nights.