405028_10150847566627707_514692706_9445241_350117046_nWhen I was living in Wellington, I knew I was a bit of a coffee snob, but not that of I coffee snob.  I like my Mochaccinos, Lattes and Flat whites.  I had a huge tendency to go to Mochaccinos till around two years ago and now I would drink mostly a Flat White.  In my University days I would drink Supreme coffee, then I moved to Mojo about five years ago and now I appreciate all beans as long as they are roasted well.  However, more recently I swayed more to Havana and especially People’s Coffee, which only sells free trade coffee and have great baristas .

However, since traveling and being really unsettled in my country or residence for the past six months, I have started to really appreciate a good cup of coffee.  In Wellington, you are so lucky with so many great roasters, cafes and baristas.

In London it is very hard to get a good cup of coffee, but it is getting a lot better.  Italy I just loved getting a cop of espresso every morning and afternoon for just one euro and everywhere you went the coffee was just great, but my mind might of been playing  tricks on me as I was in Italy after all.

Now Melbourne is known for its “balanced lifestyle” especially in Southeast Melbourne and North Melbourne and it goes the same for their cafes and coffees.  Although they do serve good coffee there was something missing when I was drinking those different cups of coffee and I realised that everywhere in Melbourne they only served a single shot of coffee and all my flat whites were just slightly too milky.

523702_10150844795852707_514692706_9435450_373475543_nI really do not care who first served the first Flat White, some people say it was in New Zealand and some say Australia, but what I have realised is that Wellington serves the best Flat Whites.  Now the Melbourne cafes have tried to recapture the NZ Flat White, but can’t change their method on how they serve their Flat white due to Australians use to having a single shot.  So the great baristas in Melbourne have called the NZ Flat White something else and I love the name.  It is called Magic and yes it is indeed magic.  A double shot of coffee white just a bit of milk and microfoam served in a ceramic cup.

Now there are only a few places in Melbourne that serve Magic, but if you do come to Melbourne and looking for a NZ flat white.  Now the places I know for sure you can get a Magic is Brother Baba Budan and Proud Marys.  Each for their unique cafe environment but both serve fantastic coffee.  Also other places that I have been that I recommend is Sensory Lab and this really cool little hole in the wall coffee shop Switchboard Cafe, which I think would sell Magic, but you could just ask for a double flat white.