visawoapl2013rgb-1024x390The joys of living in Wellington is experiencing Wellington on a Plate.  An event that last for around 16 days in August and showcases what Wellington has to offer in terms of food.  Now being a foodie this is a great excuse for me to go out and experience what Wellington and it’s eateries have to offer.

burger-wellington-logo.4c65e990Wellington on a Plate has been going for six years now and for the past few they have run a burger competition between some of the eateries that participate in Wellington on a Plate.  This is really my first time to enjoy Wellington on a plate as usually I am overseas or I was completely broke.  Not this year!

So I am trying to get around and try as many different burgers around Wellington.  It is a very hard thing to do, as if i went to a different place to have a burger each lunch time and dinner time during this event, I would still miss some places.  So I decided to go to places that were recommended from my friends or try places that sound like would make a good burger.

First night of Wellington on a Plate, I decided to try a restaurant I love and every time I go there they have good food, the great Duke Carvell’s.  As soon as I read about their burger I was so excited and desperate to try it.  So first night of Wellington on a Plate I was there.  There burger was The Duke’s Double Down, their interpretation of the ghastly KFC Double Down.  The burger had two friend chicken thighs with smoked provolone, crisp onions, cos lettuce and Duke’s samba with fries.  The chicken was so moist and the coating was crisp and crunchy, just like southern fried chicken and most importantly not oily.  The touch of samba and  spice gave it just that bit extra punch and the smoked cheese worked really well in the burger.  Now this burger was fantastic.  The only let down were the amount of fries I got on the side.  There was hardly in carbs in the burger and then the small amount of fries, I was wanting more.  I could of easily downed two burgers no problems.  Due to the lack of fries on the burger I give it 9/10.


So my friend and I were left hungry after that burger and as our condition of eating at Dukes was to be out in 40 mins, we decided to try somewhere else.  So we then decided to go try Laundry.  Now Laundry are known for their good burgers, that are friendly on your wallet.  Their burger; Laundry Slow Cycly-Beef burger, had Pirinoa Station slow-cooked beef with house made picked red onions and coleslaw in an Arobake bun, with home-cut fries. This burger was great!  The meat was so tender, the sauce totally completed everything and the coleslaw was the right compliment to match the meat in the burger.  Also the fries were ample and were very good.  I rated the burger 9.5/10


So that was my first night and what a great night it was.  There is one other thing I have to say.  I have been rating these burgers on the burgerwelly website.  However, it is so hard to really rate these burgers.  They are all very different and they really have nothing in common with each other.  Also I have tried other burgers (which I will write about in my next entry) since rating the burgers on the website and it has become very difficult.  I wish you could go back and change your rating on the burgers you have tried.  It just would make it so much easier to rate them.