I have been to this place numerous times over the past 10IMG_3638 years since it has been open.  Sometimes they have been very good and others it just doesn’t do it for me. However, I had a work function and wanted to go somewhere simple and in town that everyone would like.  So my workmate and I decided The Tasting Room.  Also the other benefit was they had a Two for One special on their classic dishes on a Monday.

So the Two for One special applies to their “classic “dishes.  The ones that have been on their menu for the past 10 years or that everyone asks for.  The four dishes you can choose from are the “Fish’n’chips, Schnitzel, Wagyu Beef burger or the Beef Wellington.

My table of seven decided to all go for the two for one special with no entree.  As there were only seven of us, as expected we just order another of the dishes and shared that around.  We ended up ordering six Beef Wellingtons and two Fish’n’Chips (the 2nd one was to share).

The food came in a very timely manner and was surprised at how fast it came as we were a big table.  However, the pub was interestingly empty, so I suppose that is the reason for Two for One (not as popular as Chow’s 2 4 1 deal).

I was one of the six that ordered the Beef Wellington.  It was very nicely presented with the Beef Wellington on top of some sliced potatoes and cooked onion.  When I cut the Beef Wellington the pastry was flaky and inside was of course a thick slice of beef that was cooked medium to well.  Also with the meat was this pesto like substance of mushrooms and something else.  The Beef Wellington was well seasoned, and even though I prefer my beef to be on the rare side, the beef was still easy to cut and eat.  The potatoes and onions were a nice compliment to the dish and overall I was happy with the dish.

The Fish’n’Chips were also very nice.  We went with the crumbled fish stead of the battered.  It was nicely cooked and their twice cooked chips were nice and had IMG_3639an extra flavor to them, which I could not put my finger on.  The side of coleslaw was nice and the condiments of tomato and tartar sauce was nice, especially the tartar.

Overall everyone on the table was satisfied.  Not sure if I would go back in a hurry and someone commented on my table that they wouldn’t order the meal if they paid full price.  So if you just want something simple in Wellington that I suppose caters for the fussy eaters, this is the place to go.