Another restaurant has entered into the already jammed packed Wellington eatery scene. I do find it interesting where this restaurant is located as there are hardly any eateries around upper Willis Street and I feel this area of town is pretty much a dead zone.  However, it actually may be a very smart move from the Bresolin brothers.  The Bresolin is located in the old Bar Bodega building in Willis Street.  The brothers have redone the old building and have added in a spaciest courtyard, the Bar is at the entryway, the dinning area is upstairs which also has a private dinning room on the side and you have to walk pass the kitchen if you are going upstairs.

My friend V and I arrived just after 8.20 and we asked for a table for two.  We were told that they will need to setup the table and it will take around 10 minutes and were recommended to order something room the bar.  As V and I are not alcoholic drinks we both decided to go for a Soda Pop, I went for the Ginger and Pear, while V went for the Blueberry and Lemonade (I think).  I really enjoyed my drink.  It was very refreshing and subtle in taste.  V on the other hand decided it was not her thing as she enjoys the more sweeter things in life and I ended up drinking it and it was also very nice.  However, I did prefer my original  choice

We did however, have to wait longer than 10 minutes, but we were always updated.  We eventually got upstairs and the dinning area is very long and fits two tables across with ample room for the waiting staff to get around.  The menu is designed as either tapas dinning or entree and main.  Both V and I decided to take the entree & main option.  Well actually I did and she decided to go the dessert & main option (dessert first).

For my entree I went with the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, slaw &  hot sauce and V went with the Snickers pudding with salted caramel ice-cream.  For the mains we both went for the Breso Burger.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Our Entrees came out in a good timely manner, and I was impressed with the portion size of the chicken.  It looked so good, I did not really care about what V’s dessert looked like as I just wanted to eat mine.  The Buttermilk fried chicken came out steaming hot, but I just could not wait.  The chicken was crisp and succulent. The taste was amazing and the hot sauce as a condiment was fantastic.  A real good kick!  The slaw was also very nice and not over powering in taste.  So far the best fried chicken I have had in Wellington.  (Better than Five Boroughs, as I did manage to try it since my last blog about that place).

I did not try V’s dessert as I am allergic to peanuts and since my last experience with Salted Caramel ice-cream from the hands of Foxglove, I am in no really hurry to try it if there are peanuts in other parts of the dish.

Breso Burger

Our mains came out in a timely manner after our entree/dessert was cleared and our burgers were served on a board.  Presentation wise, the burger looked great.  A good amount of fries and tomato sauce on the side and the burger bun looked amazing with this golden egg wash color on the top.  This burger looked like it was made all in house.  The bun and the fries had this rustic look and I could not wait to taste it.  Of course I went for the fries first, they were nicely salted and were nice and crunchy.  After finishing them, it was time to attack this burger.  As a side note I take no apology for eating a burger with my hands.  A burger is to be eaten with your hands and it does not matter if you are in a diner or a fancy restaurant.  So I went for it with no reservation.  First bite was a great, the bun was brioche and the patty was very pink with little bits of juice coming out.  The cheese on top of the patty was tasty and had a good amount on it and the onions with the fresh tomato, crisp lettuce and mayo complimented the burger really well.

Overall very impressed with this place.  Bresolin is open at 7am in the mornings and you can order breakfast and then there is the lunch and dinner menu with a brunch menu added also into the mix.  I hope this is another successful place for the Bresolin brothers.  I think it is priced well and a lot of locals in the Te Aro area will visit this place.