A cousin from Otago came up for the long weekend and wanted to catchup with the cousins and “Mulan” suggested Bresolin. I thought it was a good idea as one of my other cousins has a young kid and he would have some room to move around. I have not eaten here for some time and was happy to go again.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, slaw, mash and gravy


I have had this dish before, but I thought way not have it again. The slaw was very nice with the cabbage and red onion cut very finely and also had carrot and some celery. The mash potato was very nice and smooth and tasted as it had a good amount of butter in it. The fried chicken was so good. I did wish the chicken were in bigger pieces, but had good seasoning and crunch to it. The gravy was a very nice addition and tasted real and not out of a packet. Overall a very good dish, but it is also a good idea to also order some fries for the table, as I felt the fried chicken was a bit small in terms of serving size.

Flat White


Not a bad cup of coffee.  However, their beans are not as bitter as I am use to and has a more sweeter taste to it.

Overall Bresolin is a great place to go to for food and a nice relaxed atmosphere.  The service is good and the outside dinning area is a great place to sit, especially on a nice autumn day. Great place for larger numbers and is child friendly. Even though the Bresolin boys sold Duke Carvel’s six months ago, it is sad to see it go.  However, the Bresolin is a great replacement, better outdoor space, more room and with easier parking.

Previous Visit; Nov 2014,  Aug 2015

Website; Bresolin

Address; 278 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington