Two friends of mine “B1” and “B2” wanted to try Bruhaus’ WOAP burger.  However, as it was Sunday and they were closed.  So we had to think of an alternative.  So I thought of The Bresolin.  There has been some twitter chat about The Bresolin Burger so I thought why not try it.

The Game Changer

Double beef patties with cheese, streaky bacon and The Bresolin BBQ sauce in a housemade wagyu fat brioche bun, with handcut fries.

What a name for a burger, but I wondered if the burger lived up to the name.  Firstly the hand cut fries were very nice and were well seasoned and fried, slightly thicker cut than french fries and had a nicer taste and texture to them.  The burger was presented well with the BBQ sauce dripping out of the burger.  The taste of the burger was very nice and worked very well.  For me, it tasted just like a burger should be.  Everything worked well together.  The cheese was nice, the patties were slightly pink in colour and the BBQ sauce (although made the eating process a bit messy) was very nice.  However, the element that made the burger shine was the bun.  Who would of thought about making a brioche burger bun with wagyu fat.  Yummy!


Flat White

The Bresolin brothers roast their own coffee Gentleman’s Beans and supplies all their eateries (Scopa, The Bresolin and Tommy Millions.  Not sure if Duke Carvell will still use Gentleman’s Beans as the brothers recently sold it).  I have tried their coffee once at their kiosk in Courtenay Place and was not overly impressed, but I thought I would try it again here.  My flat white looked very nice and had a good colour to it.  However, for my liking the coffee lacked depth and was a bit on the milky side for me.  Also there was quite a few coffee grounds on the bottom of my cup than I usually see.

IMG_5670 (1)

After writing about what I thought about the burger, I am in two minds of what I would score it.  If the criteria was about how the burger tasted and if it worked, I would give it 10 out of 10.  If the criteria was originality then this is where I am stuck.  All the other burgers that I have scored highly have something different and standout from the crowd.  This burger, I do not think it does.  So my overall score is 8 out of 10. I do feel I am being mean but if you are measuring it against other burgers then this is my score. However, the burger does live up to it’s name.