Yet again I saw myself going out for dinner as “Momma Bear” wanted to go to Coco at The Roxy.  I never thought about going to The Roxy for dinner ever, as I have heard a few negative things about the place, but “Momma Bear” went for a WOAP Event there and really enjoyed it and she wanted to try the burger.

Sleep with the Fishes

Fritters of clams, smoked Yellow Brick Road snapper wing and pāuā with aubergine relish, octopus tentacle and lemon aioli in a za’atar spiced roll

This did sound appealing and can see why “Momma Bear” wanted to try it.  The presentation of the burger was very good and was impressed, but that was all that really impressed me.  The burger also came with french fries  which were slightly overcooked and crisp.  The burger, for me just did not work.  Firstly it was very hard to eat even with cutlery as the burger was cut so unevenly that the filling slide out.  The octopus tentacle was nice and maybe the best part.  The clam and snapper fritter was a bit too floury for my liking.  The paua was in a fritter, which was nice but also a bit too floury.  I didn’t really taste the lemon aioli nor see it and the za’atar spiced roll, just tasted like a roll with a lot of butter on it.  Overall I was disappointed, this burger has so much potential.


I gave this burger the score 6 out of 10.  As I said I was greatly disappointed with this burger.  It just had so much potential.  The great thing about Wellington on a Plate is that it can revive somewhere that may have some negative chatter about it and it is an opportunity for a restaurant to change people’s opinions.  However, Coco at the Roxy did not do this for me.