So I had heard a few things about this burger again through Twitter and thought why not give it a try. I had been here a few times and was not surprised that people were talking about it but I was surprised at how much people were talking about it. So I and “Pepper Potts” decided to head down and try it. We arrived just after six and it was already busy and we had to wait for a table which was slightly surprising. When we were seated we got to see at the bench that overlooked the kitchen which was awesome.

Chook N Swine, Fire and Spice

Char-grilled spice rubbed chicken thigh with bacon aioli, Preston’s streaky bacon, gherkins and preserved lemon relish in a Pandoro Turkish roll with chilli fries.

This burger looked impressive. There was a good amount of chilli fries and the burger was stacked quite high. As per usual I ate the fries first and they were really good; well cooked and well seasoned. Next was the burger. Slightly difficult to eat with the hands but it was not going to stop me. First bite was just awesome. Overall the burger worked fantastically. The pickles and the aioli was good. The preserved lemon relish also had currents in it which gave it a bit of sweetness to the burger. The bacon was crisp and gave the burger a good crunch but the best part was the chicken. It was beautifully grilled, succulent and beautifully seasoned.


“Pepper Potts” had the set menu of the fish and beef and she was very impressed the fish. It was deep fried and had a good crunch and nicely cooked fish inside. The beef was also very nicely cooked to rare and had a good crust on the outside.


Cook Strait hoki with chilli kelp and charred orange aioli


Garlic and miso marinated rare bavette with black bean and harissa hash

Overall I would give the burger here a 10 out of 10. The burger was just awesome. Having watched them make the burger.  They had one person in charge of the grill and It was impressive to watch him work. He just knew how all the meat should be cooked to perfection. This burger would have to say is my favourite so far.