Five Boroughs10568801_654830044613295_3719214885512929559_n is less than a week old and I decided to try it.  I was slightly apprehensive as I have tried several restaurants that are less than one week old and I have never been overly impressed with their service and wait time, but i thought i would give this place a try.  I actually have been waiting a long time for this place to open.  I joined their Facebook page and also their Instagram page to find out when these guys were going to open.  I was excited because this place is an eatery that promises to serve good american food with good local produce.  Was I disappointed?  Well you just have to read on.

My friend and I arrived just after 6.30 on a Saturday night.  The place looked full and there were plenty of people at the bar.  However, I asked the lovely wait staff and she they seated us straight away.  Obviously the other people waiting were a table larger than two.IMG_3554 - Version 2

We were seated at a table and we got our menus and the classic american brown plastic cups filled with water.  As I was reading the menu, I was look at what other people beside me were eating and it all looked good.

There were so many things on the menu I wanted to try.  I have been longing for a place that does good buffalo wings, philly cheese steak and southern friend chicken and guess what they do it all.  I was in comfort food heaven.  However, weirdly I decided to go for none of them.  I decided to go with the classic Double Cheese Burger, Hand cut fries with gravy and cheese and also a Jelly tip milkshake. My friend had the normal cheese burger and the mac and cheese.

IMG_3555It did take a while for the food to come.  However, we were warned before we were seated that it would take over 40 minutes for the food to arrive.  But once we gave our order 5 minutes later my milkshake arrived.  This milkshake was like reliving a childhood but instead of it being an ice-cream it was a milkshake.  The flavours were spot on and this milkshake was good, fantastic good.  I would, however, think they should make a thick shake version.  YUM!

Our food arrived all at once, and I was immediately impressed.  Potato crisp and pickles beside my burger and the fries looked good.  As always, I went for my fries first.  They were tasty and crisp, very well cooked.  The gravy was really nice and not over powering and the cheese sauce had a nice taste and creamy and not rich or american cheese like.  A really good balance between a well season chip and the cheese and gravy.

NIMG_3556ext was the burger and I was impressed.  I love now how in Wellington we no longer fully cook the patty.  Places are now starting to serve pink meat patties and I think that really makes a difference.  The meat is not dry and the juices that flow out of the patty is just delicious. Also in the burger was a good amount of melted cheese on the patty, tomato sauce, mustard and pickle.  Now I am not really a pickle person.  However, in this burger it worked, it worked well.  Overall I was impressed with the burger, especially with the price on $12.

I also tired my friends mac and cheese and that was also good.  There were different shapes and styles of pasta and that sauce was the same sauce on my fries.  Also they had grilled cheese on the top.  It was a good mac and cheese.

IIMG_3557 wa full at the end of my mains and milkshake.  However, my friend desperately wanted to try the baked cheesecake, so she order it and of course I had a taste.  Well maybe more than a taste.  It was really good.  It was smooth and the base was not hard.  It had a good flavour to it and was not too rich or sweet.

Overall I was very impressed with this place and I will go back as I need to try the Southern Fried Chicken, Spicy wings, Philly cheese steak and many other dishes.  It was very reasonable in price and the staff are really on to it.  The staff were people that I recognised from other cafes and restaurants in Wellington.  This place was a well oiled machine.  When we left to pay, the lady at the counter, said that they did not expect to be this busy straight off an they are needing to hire more staff as they want to open till around 2am and open at 7.30am just like a New York dinner. Cannot wait to go back.