I had another Grabone voucher to use at Foxglove bar on the waterfront. I bought the voucher as I had heard a few things about this place, not necessarily good, but apparently it has a good chef so I thought I would give it a try.

So my friend and I went on a Tuesday night and I didn’t book as I thought it would be quiet, but apparently not as everyone else wanted to use their grabbing voucher. LOL.  So we got told we were allowed to still use the voucher but we had to sit in the bar and that the entree and main would come at once and we could order the dessert separately.
So my friend and I ordered two grazing plates; Salt & Pepper Squid, lime, chilli, aioli and the BBQ ribs, southern style BBQ sauce and the mains we ordered the Whole buttermilk fried chicken with accompaniments, which was a sharing main.
The grazing plates and the main came together.  Our table was actually a bit to small for what we ordered.  The Ribs, were cold.  but had a good flavour to them and the meat peeled off the bone.  I did wonder if i should bring it to their attention but as we were sitting in the bar section i could not be bothered getting off my seat.
The squid had too many flavours going on  and was slightly on the over-cooked side. The side sauce was just the usual sauce and nothing special.
The shared main of the Fried Chicken also come with a Cesar like salad and potato and gravy.  This dish could have easily fed four people.  The chicken was a bit too pink for me that we did not dear eat too close to the bone.  The chicken itself was not fried chicken, yes it was fried but had no nice crunchy skin to it.  It did have a nice flavour to it and the side sauce was nice and spicy, but weird to have a side sauce on a southern fried chicken. The salad was alright, the Cesar salad was a salad, but a bit weird as there was a semi poached scrambled egg on the salad.  The potato and gravy was a bit on the salty side and my friend first thought it was the chicken that was salty but it was the gravy.
Then I went up and ordered the desserts. We had the; Salted caramel ice cream sandwich and the Whittaker’s chocolate pudding, salted peanut butter ice cream.  The desserts came pretty fast and i took a slight taste of the ice-cream luckily enough and discovered that there was a hint of peanut in the ice cream.  I asked my friend and she agreed. I went up to the bar and asked and the staff member did not know and went to ask.  He said yes, I then said if it has peanuts in it, why is it not on the menu saying that it has peanuts like it does for the chocolate pudding.  He said that I should be the one asking if their desserts have peanuts in them.  I was slightly shocked as this is the first time i have encountered this kind of attitude towards my allergy.  I then asked if my dessert can be replaced he said yes.  I asked for the Lemon meringue pie, he asked me how I was going to pay for it. I said i was not going to pay for it due to what I felt was a mis-labelling on their menu and then had to ask his manager and I manage to get the dessert without paying for it.  The pie was nice, maybe it was the nicest thing I had there.
Overall I was not impressed with this place.  I do not think I will be going back.  Me and my friend left the place and when we walked passed the dinning area the place was half empty!