So my friend and I decided to finally try DragonFly on Courtenay Place.  I have heard many a good thing from numerous people about this place.  However, I always felt it was expensive and never made it on my must list to try.  However, my friend and I decided to visit this place and see what all the hype is about.

Honey Combed Squid

So we were seated in the front section of the restaurant at the window and it was great people watching and seeing the characters that walk on Courtenay Place.  The staff were very courteous and very on to it, but I generally tell a restaurant not on their service but on their food.

So my friend and I decided to order the Honey Combed squid; tossed in seven spice, sesame and coconut, served w– wasabi mayo and the Yellow Finned Tuna; rare seared, w– cucumber, coriander, nahm jim, coconut and lime gelee.  The squid was nicely cooked and the lightly fried coconut with some chilli was very nice.  The wasabi

mayo was nice and had a bit of heat to it, Seared Tunawhich was fantastic.  The Tuna was my favourite entree.  Everything worked on that plate and the chilli that was added just gave the dish an extra punch.

The Mains we ordered the Salmon 2 ways; char grilled salmon fillet on a hot and sour, green tea smoked salmon salad w– Vietnamese mint, green banana, chilli, lime and roasted rice and the Octopus and Squid; wok tossed baby octopus and squid w caramelised fresh pineapple, chilli and tamarind jam, fresh lemongrass, ginger and coriander.  With the Salmon there was a decent piece of salmon on top of the salad.  The salad was very fresh and crisp.  Was not sue about the banana as it really had no taste and kind of tasted like cardboard.  Also I felt the salad could of been tossed a bit more before it was served as the salad was a bit tasteless at the top.  The Octopus and Squid was well cooked.  However,  surprisingly  more salt would have hugely benefited this dish.  With typical asian fusion style there was no salt on Salmon 2 Waysthe table but the dish did need it, or even some fish sauce.  Also the fresh lemongrass tasted nice but was annoyingly small you ended it chewing it and was a hassle to eat it or try and taking it out of your mouth.  We also ordered a side of coconut rice, which was really nothing special and slightly on the dry side.

For dessert me and my friend just decided to have a Hot chocolate.   The great thing about this place, is they use the Wellington Chocolate Factory Hot Chocolate.  A drink that is not sweet and all about aroma and tasting notes of chocolate.  This drink did make me sleepy and I was worried as I was going to see Aloe Blacc in concert.

Squid and OctopusSo what are my final thoughts towards Dragonfly.  I feel it is over priced fusion restaurant that europeans will flock to.  For my palate there is nothing special and I would easily either go to Chow or Restaurant 88 to get my fusion style food.  Also who would pay $3 for a side sauce.  You must be kidding me!  If you are going to a restaurant with an extensive drinks and cocktail menu this is the place to go also the courtyard bar would be a cool place to hang out for after work drinks, but if you want me to go there for food again i would go somewhere else.  One bonus thing about this place is the food comes really fast.  However, there is a flip side to this is once you have eaten you feel that you need to rush out of the door.