For dinner I was excited, I was going to try Mamak.  I have heard numerous things about this place and I wanted to try it.  It has nothing to do with Mamak in Sydney or Melbourne that I know of, but people just rave about this place.  So I was surprised to see this place was in Chancery Lane.  I thought it was on the street not in a slightly upmarket mall.  This place was kind of busy.  Every seat inside was taken and most of the seats outside had gone as well.  I did not really want to sit outside and luckily enough got a seat inside.  Default order for me is either Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Laksa or Mee Goreng.   Since there was no Chicken Rice and I decided to go for the Seafood Curry Laksa and the Mamak Chicken bites.  The food came fast and first came the chicken bites.  The chicken was beautifully fried and they used chicken thigh meat which was succulent and moist.  It had a nice taste and was not over-powering.  It was a shame they had sweet chilli sauce as the condiment.  I thought maybe a mayo or Japanese mayo would have been better, but maybe not is genuine.


Then along came the Seafood Laksa.  It comes in a very big bowl, but i was excited to try it.  A few interesting observations, the bean sprouts were on the top and the egg was beautifully boiled and still had the orange colour to a slightly uncooked yolk.  Yum!  The soup was beautiful, it was creamy but not too creamy, spicy and a nice hint of shrimp paste.  The seafood was awesome, except for the fake crab stick shrimp shaped fish meat.  It was just too over powering for the dish, which was the real only shame.  The fried tofu was great as it had soaked up the soup and the noodles were thin-ish egg noodles that were awesome.  Also another great thing, and what I think is a real taste to quality not quantity.  They just used egg noodles in the laksa and did not mix it with rice noodles or just used rice noodles.


Mamak is great and I cannot wait to go back to Auckland to try this place out.