IMG_3331The following day I decided to try No. 1 Pancakes a Korean joint.  I wasn’t even looking for this place, but after looking at the exhibits at the Auckland Art Gallery, I saw a line outside this place, so i thought i would try it.  I did notice later that this place was on the Cheap Eat list.  I ordered the Beef and Cheese.  Now this is cooked to order so you do have to wait on the street for your food and they are handmade but made beforehand.  When you get it, it is pipping hot and I meal pipping hot.  It is so hard to eat, but when you see something good that makes your mouth water you just want to attack it and attacked it I did.  This pancake was beautiful.  The cheese had melted and slightly stringy and the beef was beautifully seasoned.  The pancake itself is slightly sweet and for $4.50.  This is a bargain.

So much a bargain a few hours later, i went back and ordered the Red Bean Pancake ($3).  I love red bean, especially in baos (chinese steamed buns) and moon cakes, so I was looking forward to this one.  I was not disappointed.  This was great.  I love this place and will visit it every time i come back to Auckland.