I have been to The Larder several times for IMG_3675Brunch.  However, I have never been for dinner. I never know why, but tonight I had the opportunity to do so.  It is a rather long story, so i am going to try and keep it short.

Around five years ago I heard of a Turducken, a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.  I have always been intrigued by this dish ever since and even more so when I heard you can even have a Turduckenqua (a Turducken with a quail).  So my fascination spread to my cousin, which in turn spread to my Aunty and Uncle.  So much to my Aunty and Uncle, they even attempted to cook one for last Christmas, which I thought was great.

So Christmas is once again just around the corner and my cousin discovers that Larder were doing their Christmas Turducken Feast.  She texts me and I started to get excited, she then told her parents and then just like that we had a table of six (which is the minimum of people you need to order the feast) going to Larder

So Christmas is the season for eating.  You try so much not to eat too much but it just happens and it happen at this feast for me.

IMG_3667Shared Platter; Fresh baked bread, deep fried chickpeas IMG_3669and olives

Overall a very standard starting platter.  It was very nice, the olives were heated with orange rhine.  The chickpeas were moorish, and the bread was nice.  It was good, but nothing exciting.

Also there was thinly spliced Smoked Brisket with gherkins, picked shallots and mustard.  The brisket was nicely smoked and was not over power and with the mustard it was great taster.  The gherkins were big pieces.  I did not think that gherkins actually came in that size.  Overall the cut of meat wasn’t that fatty and had a very nice flavour to it.

Main; Turducken and side dishes.

IMG_3672The Turducken, was very nice and flavoursome and the gravy nicely complimented the meat.  However, our gravy did take a bit of time to arrive at the table after we got our Turducken.  Everyone at the table originally thought the meat was a bit dry.  However, once the gravy had arrived it was good.  The stuffing had a great flavour and had some liver that gave the dish the little extra ump.  It was nicely cooked and as you can see the dish came with two drum sticks and the rest was the breast.  I went for the drum stick and as did my Uncle.  We were both slightly disappointed with this cut as you did not get all the flavours as they were the ends.  I did, However, have the opportunity to finish my mother and aunties allocation and the thigh parts were definitely the parts you go for.

Side Dishes, which can be easily refilled without an extra cost.  We had two servings of each.

IMG_3673Grilled Corn with Chipotle Butter

Very nicely flavoured.  It was buttery and had a good kick to it.  It was a surprisingly kick and some people would find it extreme.  However, I thought it was great!

Baby Cos Salad

A nice salad with nice serving of lettuce leaves and other ingredients.  The bacon was nicely cooked and had a good non-overpowering flavour, parmesan cheese, shallots, and a nice and not over-powering vinaigrette dressing.

Roast Potatoes

Good potatoes but nothing special.  Good amount of red onion, but could not taste the olives.

Desert; Christmas Pudding Parfait

IMG_3679This was an awesome dessert.  The parfait was perfect and had a really nice christmas pudding flavour to it but again not over-powering.  The Vanilla ice cream and the fresh berries made the dish light, refreshing and easy to eat.  Also you cannot forget the wafers, which gave the dessert a bit more texture.  Yum!

Overall I was very full, satisfied and happy having the Turducken feast at The Larder.  It was a great feast!  The next goal is now to try and cook it.  However, I may go to the butcher to make it for me and then I will try and attempt to cook it.