IMG_4575.JPGPopeyes is my favorite fast food fried chicken.  It is so much better than KFC and every time I see a Popeyes I just need to eat it.  I have not had USA Popeye’s for a very long time. However, Popeyes also has places in Singapore and Hong Kong and whenever I or my Chinese friends are at Hong Kong International Airport we are eating Popeyes and taking photos.  It is so funny that i posted a picture on Facebook via Instagram and the only people that commented and liked the post were my Chinese friends.

So I was in a slight rush as I had little time before my show that i had tickets to go to. So I Google map Popeye’s and i found that it had shifted since I was last in NYC, lucky for me i did not go to the old place.  I remember the old place to be dirty, but this new place looked nice and clean so I liked this place better.

I order a three piece pack and i could choose two sides (which I did not know) and a drink.  I went for the spicy dark meat (none of the dry awful white meat part of the chicken) and I made sure I got a biscuit and I got given a potato and gravy and a drink.

Potato and Gravy

So I ate the potato and gravy first, and shit this was the best fast food potato and gravy i have eaten, it was spicy and not just euro-spicy a good kick and the potato actually tasted like potato and had lumps in it.


Oh the Southern biscuit!  I love the USA southern biscuit you just cannot get it in NZ.  It is like a scone but slightly sweeter and fluffier.  It was just so nice and writing about it is making my mouth drool.  LOL


I had forgotten that they had to varieties one normal and one spicy, of course i went for spicy and I was surprised i got to request what meat i wanted; dark or white. The first ate, was just so good.  You actually hear the crunch from the chicken. Yum!  I was slightly disappointed as it was not that spicy, but the chicken was hot and fresh from the cooker and that is really what i care about.  The flavor was good and just took me back to my other experiences of Popeyes chicken.

So when am I going to eat it again?  Well who knows, on this trip or when I next visit  family in HK or even Singapore, but i know whenever I pass a Popeyes I am there having a piece of chicken and a biscuit.