So my cousin was showing me around Lower Manhattan.  She is a foodie which is great  so she has given me some places to go and try out.  So we had dinner with our Aunties and Uncle and afterwards her and boyfriend showed me around Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo and NoHo and up to 32nd Streetish.  We had walked quite a bit after dinner and we were walking around and we walked into Eataly.  Eataly is an Italian supermarket and has several eateries in the same premises.  It is a weird concept as you think that they would all be fighting for customers but none of these places are.

This place sells everything in terms of Italian food produce.  This place made me hungry again.  It had cheese, meats, pasta, oils, sauces, vegetables and fruit just to name a few things.  This place was awesome.

Medium to small – thank goodness I went for the small

I was tempted to actually have a coffee, but I stood my ground as I am a coffee snob and I have put myself on a coffee detox while I am in the states as I just do not want to waste my money on bad coffee and even drink bad coffee.  However, when I was in Italy I loved their coffee so I was torn, but i stood my ground.

Instead I decided to have a gelato.  I tried their coconut and it was alright, but i decided to go for their tiramisu flavor and yes i stick to my rule of only having a small.

This gelato flavors were awesome and just mixed so well together.  I loved it.  Best tiramisu gelato I have ever tried and that says a lot. Everything was at the right balance, but i was so full afterwards and i knew that i was going to struggle to finish it, but it was so good that I ate the whole thing and thank god I did not go for a bigger size.

I will try and see if i can go to this place again and try some of the more savory hot food, but there are so many other places to try.