So all my friends IMG_4581.JPGhave been talking about this place. So I decided to try it, Shake Shack.  I was walking around NYC and manage to find it.  I also had to text my brother to make sure i had the right place.

So i found it last night while i was trying to get between different theaters to see if I could get a ticket to a show and manage to see Matilda (a must see).

Anyway, when I walked past last night over three times, there was always a line, a massive line of people wanting to eat at this place.  They were lining up outside and the crazy thing is, that it was cold last night, well cold for NZ’ers it was 2 degrees (Celsius).

Lucky for me, when I arrived at 11.30 am there was no line starting outside, it started inside in the warm. So i was greeted when i came in by a staff remember and she even gave me a menu so I could decide what I wanted.  It was so difficult to decide, but I ordered the cheeses fries, a double patty  hamburger with bacon, and vanilla chip

IMG_4579.JPGThe Fries

These were really good and they were crinkle cut chips with good flavor and nice consistency. It had a lasting crunch and did not get soggy. The cheese, even though really bad for you,fake and looks terrible, it was a good American experience. The flavor just complimented the fries and made it so much more american.

Double patty Burger with Bacon

Wow. It was small but packs a punch everything fresh and made fresh to order. The pickles they use are unbelievable. Everything was so good, again fresh produce and doesn’t look like it has been siting there for ages like Mc D’s or Subway.  The patties were good! The meat was pink and just so yum and did I talk about the pickles.  The best pickles I have ever had in a burger.

The custard

Honestly i was confused about this.  As they use it as a ice-cream and they use it as a shake and they use it for deluxe drinks.  However, if you think about it, it is just like Mc D’s. However, there is nothing else like it. It is believable, not fatty tasting and had a subtle taste of vanilla and it is not really custard it is like a soft serve but had a thicker consistency and it does not melt as fast as a normal soft serve. Yum! It even tasted good with my fries that had no cheese on them.

Overall experience was fantastic. One thing I need to remember and that is always  get the small servings.  It is crazy how big some of these things are, even though the hamburger had a double patty it was filling and I did not eat really for the rest of the day.  I had to force myself to eat a NY hot dog so when I got back to my accommodation I was not going to be craving food at 11pm.  I am totally going to go back before I leave NYC.  It is just so good!