IMG_4498.JPGSo I decide to try this place as it was close to my accommodation and have eaten a bit too much fried and unhealthy American food I needed to have something cleaner and better for the stomach So I decided to try Sakana Sushi and Grill.

I walked pass this place everyday in San Fran and it was had people in it. Also I looked on yelp and it was rated quite highly ship I decided to give this place a try.

I decided to order a miso soup and also a Sake roll and salmon skin roll. Miso A very standard miso soup. I wonder what is classified as a good miso compared to a bad one. It had good amount of tofu which was soft and creamy and good amounts of seaweed. Good flavoring and a nice way to start my dinner.

Sake roll, salmon and cucumber.

Very nice, clean and fresh. Clean tasting and a good classic. ery good sushi. However, I think in NZ we are spoilt with very good quality King salmon from the south island. I do not think you can really compare it.

Salmon skin roll.

Served warm as the skin is grilled. Has a pickled carrot in it that gives it more texture. Very nice sushi. A nice grill taste to the salmon skin and was great with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Very good service and I also remember you have to top. Meal cost just over 12 and gave the guy 3 as a trip. Also great seating at the counter as you can the guys make sushi and thru make it so fast. Great place to eat.