IMG_4494-0.JPGCalm chowder a very San Francisco especially at Fisherman’s wharf is very much I thing to do. Even though I have had it numerous times since I have been too San Fran several times. I thought I would have it again.

The calm chowder comes in a sourdough bun. The chowder had very good flavor but had a bit too much potato but had a good thickness and some clams in the chowder. The bread was fresh and tasted nice. Would of maybe liked it a bit grilled bit I think I am asking for a bit too much and changing the recipe too much.

It is a filing dish if you decide to eat the bowl which does taste very nice as some of the chowder is soaked in. Wouldn’t know too many people to eat the whole bowl as it is a mission, but I nearly ate the whole thing. Lol

There are many different restaurants and eateries that serve this but Boudin is famous for it. There are many of these Boudin places about and I think the price may vary between places.