IMG_4487.JPGAfter a recommendation from a friend who is a pescetarian, I decided to try Super Duper, which is a Burger joint in the Bay Area.

This is a typical burger joint and even has a combo option for your burger, fries and drink. It is a busy place and it looks like that the people of San Francisco have taken to this place.

The Combo

The Drinks are bottom less in America if you decide to order a soda or a ice tea. I went for a Coke Zero and only manage to have one cup.

The Fries
Were very nice, good flavor and good amount of salt (no salt sachet here). They were crisp, fatter than your usual french fry but they also had good length to them. Overall a good fry.

The Burger
Well there is only one two options for your beef burger either a 8oz; two patty or a 4oz; one patty option. I decided to go for the 8oz option. You can also add lettuce, tomato, red onion and the super sauce all for free. You can add cheese for 75 cents (which I did) and bacon for an extra dollar (which I didn’t.

The burger is surprisingly small in size, but actually very thick and when you put two of the patties on top of each other it is a tall burger. I had to stretch my mouth just to get the burger in so I could try everything together at once.

The Patty was of good flavor and had a good grilled taste to it. However, I was surprised to see the patty fully cooked, but it was juicy and has a good flavor to it. Everything else was fresh and the cheese was of a good decent thickness and melted to the patty and it sustained it shape mostly. The super sauce was actually a bit of a disappointment. I wanted to sauce to have more a distinct flavor to it, so you could tell the difference between other burgers, but the flavor was subtle and nothing really special and I think that ruined the burger for me.

IMG_4482.JPGSoft Serve

I also had the Soft serve for dessert, but went for a kiddies size, which is actually a standard size at McD’s. I could not decide if I wanted chocolate or vanilla flavor so I asked the lady behind the counter and she recommended the swirl; both flavors. Was a good choice! The soft serve was not sweet but the flavors were distinct. Overall best soft serve I have ever had.

Overall this place is good. I think why SF’ers flock to this place is because it uses sustainable farmed meat, organic feed for the livestock and free range eggs; A “green” company. I am not sure if I would go again, not like an In and Out burger, but it is a good “green” alternative that is of course slightly more expensive.