So I have been wondering around NYC and found Christmas markets at Union Square, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle. So I was hungry after walking from top to bottom of Central Park and I walked upon the Christmas markets at Columbus circle. To my delight there was some food stalls and these food stalls are of little eateries around NYC and they are all in one place. So I decided to try a few.

Hong Kong Street Cart

Ramen and dumpling soup, pork dumplings Really nice soup taste like it it’s made with real ingredients had a good beef base to it. The noodles were nicely cooked and have a good firm texture to them. The dumplings were really nice and had lots of flavor and juice inside them. Overall very nice and taste homemade.

Jolie’s Kronies

Pistachio coconut Omg. Not powering and not too sweet. Was so good, had cream inside. Was just so good. Yum

La Sonrisa Queso

Empanadas Omg it was the shit. So nice and with the spicy mayo. It was just all good and the cheese was thick and slightly stringy Pulled pork Nothing special but taste really nice. There are many other stalls but I couldn’t eat anymore LOL!