So this market is awesome, here are some places I tried.

Beiler’s Bakery


This place has won awards and i is owned by Amish people. Actually I lot of the stalls at Reading Market are owned and operated by the Amish. There are long lines for this place and their are made fresh on the premise.

Glazed Donut

Very nice glazed donut. Very fresh and nice and moist. Not overpowering in sweetnessand had a good texture. Done to perfection.

Apple fritter donut
Very nicely cooked and again not too sweet. Nice bud of Apple and had a bit of crunch as the Apple was mixed in the donut and some of it got fried. It was not an Apple jam inside.

As I said this place is very popular and seeing them being made by hand is amazing. If I ever come back this is the place to go.

Dinic’s Roast Pork and Beef


This is another place that has huge lines. It was crazy but they move the line very fast. There are seats but most people take it take away so you do not have to tip. I asked what was the most popular and I ordered it.

Roast pork with Provon cheese and broccoli rabe

Lots of meet nicely cooked roast pork with good flavor cheese. Also has good gravy but can get a bit messy so plenty of napkins came with the roll. The roll was alkali warm and slightly Crisp.

The broccoli rabe I think uses Chinese broccoli. It is peppery and adds a good sharp taste too the roll.

Overall not my favorite roll and I can not see what the fuss is all about. Prefer a Philly Chess Steak.  However, this place is hugely popular and has been named as one of the best sandwich’s not sure, but their website claims it.