So with the help of yelp I wanted to see what kind of food I should try art Reading Market. If you ever go to Philly this is a place to go even if you are not a foodie. So to get my southern food fix in Philly I tried Keven Parker’s Soul Food Cafe. The bonus about this place is I have been hanging out to try fried chicken and waffles. Tried at oohhs and aahhs but they only make the waffles in the morning. Now it is my opportunity to try it in Philly.

The fried chicken was good and fresh with good crunch and strike flavor nothing really overpowering just a delicate taste of the chicken with a bit of seasoning.

Waffles were good. They were freshly made for me as I was one of the first customers of the day as it open at 11 and they were moist and a bit of crunch but with the syrup they were good.

The combining of the two elements, well I would off never thought of it. It was so good you the sweet and the savory. A match made I heaven, just like bacon and pancakes. Together you have this crunch of the chicken and texture of the waffle. so good.

Also had a side of Mac and cheese and was just do good. I am not sure if I will ever have a bad version of it in the USA.

Keven Parker’s Soul Food Kitchen website