Philly Cheese Steak; Geno’s vs Pat’s – Philadelphia

So I wanted to try out and see which one was the best. So here is my review.

Geno’s Steak


Nicely thin clean cut meat and diced onions and no over powering cheeses. Meat by itself has no real flavor except for salt and pepper (I think) very natural flavor. Onions are sweet and well cooked. A fresh roll a bit chewy the cheese adds a nice flavor to it. Overall not bad

Pat’s King of Steak


Very different. Obvious difference is the amount of meat. A lot more. The meat is not as nicely cute and has a slightly more natural taste to the meat compared to the Geno’s (I prefer this better more natural). The cheese I chose wiz this time and it makes at whole thing taste better and more American. Onions a bigger and pack more punch and generally a better cheese steak. I know which one I will buy again.

Also bought cheese fries, best ones I have tried so far. Nice chips with skins. I think it adds more flavor actually.

Overall I have to say Pat’s is the best. Everyone I have talked to including locals and I know quite a few (as I use to work in the area) agree. They tell me that I need to have Pat’s and no one ever talks about Geno’s but I wanted to see which one is the best.

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