So this place is famous. Famous for their Reuben sandwich but also it is where the famous for the Harry met Sally scene. The iconic scene!

So I wanted to try this place but wanted to be assured that this was the best place for a Reuben. As I went online and this place charges $20 for a sandwich. So my cousin asked her friend who is a very well traveled foodie and he said that Katz was the best for a Rueben.

So at 11, I rocked on up to Katz as I didn’t eat breakfast and wanted to beat the crowds but already this place was busy.

So there is a process when ordering here. When you a walk in you get a ticket, you have to hold onto this ticket and if you lose it you get charged extra. Then you walk to the counter and order your food. Note if you tip your sandwich maker (as I witnessed this from the lady next to me) you get a sample of the meat and holy #@$_ this was the best corn beef I have ever tried. So soft juicy and succulent. It was beautiful, better than the place in Philadelphia.

Once you got your sandwich you give your ticket to your sandwich maker and then they write something on it then you can sit down and eat the massive sandwich. Then once you have finished you can then pay. No tip necessary when sitting down.

The Reuben

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Omg this sandwich is big and tall. It is filled with meat at least over 10 slices and it is nearly as tall as my index finger. As I said the meat was beautiful then the sauerkraut is not over powering. Ample of cheeses which I am sure it is Swiss cheese that is melted and then they make their own thousands island dressing, it is thick and you can see finely cut onions and other things in it.

Overall the sandwich is World class and can see why all these people come here. On the wall it is filled with celebrity photos and who’s who in York city. Love this place and wish I could come back.