IMG_4278So my cousin asked me to go to this last week but I woke up too late and I could not be bothered getting ready in a hurry. So as I was on this side of town as I wanted you try this other place bit it was closed. So I then was going to go back to Katz but the l June was way long so I decided to try Russ and daughters.

It is very well known and has an association with Katz. I entered and took a number C1 and when I looked up at the wall it was up to 78. So woo minutes later it was my turn. There is a menu on the counter and other deli food and I ordered the classic with Nz King salmon.

Classic bagel with NZ King salmon

IMG_4272So I got the everything bagel as you get to try a bit of everything. Lol and I ordered it with New Zealand King smoked salmon with cream cheeses and chives. It was a bit pricey at $14.15 with tax. The bagel it’s made to order and that means the salmon is also cut too order. When I received it the bass was quite heavy and when I open the wrapping I noticed how small the bagel was. However to closer inspection there was a minimum off 8 slices of smokes salmon. Also here was a very generous ground of cream cheese. The first bite was unbelievable. The bottom of the bagel was slightly crunchy and the top was chewy. The generous ratio of salmon and cream cheese made this bagel so good. Also this export quality King salmon was too die for, better than the supermarket stuff we get. Even writing about this is making my mouth drool. It was the best cream cheese smoked salmon bagel I have ever had and I have had a few. Oh and as I side note as they get a whole fillet of salmon then even take out the little bones in the salon.

This place is popular and if I had a chance I would go back in a new York minute.

Website; Russ and Daughters