So one of my L.A. Cousins took me here for lunch.  He is a bit of a free style kind of guy and seems to know where all the good places to eat in central L.A. So he showed me around this market which was very busy for 3.15 as that was when we were having lunch and some of the stuff had sold out which was a shame.

IMG_4306So we decide to have Egg Slut. Yes a very interesting name but good food.  We decide to both have the Egg Slut which is an easy dish of mash potato and a egg on top that is poached in a jar with some salt and garnish on top with a fresh piece of bread.  So simple but so nice. The potato was creamy and the egg was beautifully cooked. Before eating you are told to mix it all together and deep the bread inside. The bread is crispy on the outside and fresh. Yummy!
Also we had Las Morelianas. A Mexican joint. Menu only in Mexican and when you walk on up they give you some pulled pork with a tortilla to try. It was so good. My cousin ordered one each for us. The ones you orders are bigger than the sampler and you got two tortilla with your meat. I also added some hot sauce which was fantastic. So simple but so effective. You can add other stuff to the tortilla but my cousin just ordered it with pork. Yummy.
Would live to go back to this place and explore it but as L.A. Is so big I do not think I will have a chance this time.