IMG_4120My cousin has been talking about this ever since I arrived back in Manhattan since my trip from Philadelphia and Washington DC. The great thing about this place is it is just around the corner from my cousins place where I was staying. So my cousin’s partner took me to this place and I was in for a surprise. This place makes fresh Ho fun (thick rice noodles), tofu, and dumplings and seek to the public and to shops. However they also make fresh cheong fun (rice noodles that is not cut but rolled up and you can add what stuff you want to it) So I have been there several times while I was staying in China town and eaten a few different varieties.

So I have eaten the pork, Chinese sausage, Bbq IMG_4235pork and Chinese sausage with egg. Each of them are fantastic and they are made to order. They are made by using a paper draw on a streamer. The cook adds the cheong fun mixture to the steamer and the different additions and it takes a matter of minutes to cook. So the cooked cheong fun is added to a takeaway box and then you get too add the sauces. There are four sauces; soya sauce, hoisen sauce, chilli sauce, and peanut sauce. The first time my cousin’s boyfriend drenched my IMG_4236Chinese sausage cheong fun with soya sauce, hoisen and chilli sauce and not peanut sauce as I am allergic to them. We ate it there and it was fantastic. Hot, fresh and soaked in sauce. Looking back at it, it is the best way to have it as the second time I did not put as much sauce on it. Overall this place is awesome. Tips for this place; adding an egg to the cheong fun for an extra 50 cents is awesome and you can ask for extra meat and add extra sauce as the cheong fun soaks it up and it is all delicious. This place is gets my two thumbs up.