It being January, I actually have a lot of time on my 2015/01/img_6712.jpghands, so a workmate of mine wanted to catchup before the new school year started.  So we decided to go to Capitol.  I nor my workmate have been before and it is one of those restaurants that is there and been there for a long time, but have never tried.  So we decided to go there for lunch.

Capitol has a very good lunch menu and even has a three course set menu for lunch.  It all looked very light and easy to eat for lunch so you did not feel tired after having lunch, even though I had nothing to do that afternoon except lie in the sun.

2015/01/img_6711.jpgI decided against the set menu as I was not keen on the entree or dessert and ordered the Crispy Fried Chicken with shredded cabbage slaw.  First impressions, the dish looked very nice and light, with lots of slaw.  I was slightly surprised that they were mixed together with each other and looked more like a salad than a Fried Chicken dish.  I decided to eat a piece of the fried chicken by it self.  I was crispy and had nice flavour to it.  However, there was no real meat to the chicken and it was mostly skin and coating.  Eating the chicken by it self it was dry and needed a sauce with it.  I then tried a piece of chicken with the slaw and it was a lot better.

The shredded cabbage slaw was very refreshing with  nice flavoured and nicely cut.  It also had onion and fresh chillies in it, that gave it a tiny extra lift.  However, I feel if you were going to add chilli in your slaw you should add more or more powerful chillies, instead it just added colour and nothing else.

After finishing the dish, I actually noticed that I did not actually eat a lot of chicken meat.  Yes there were generous amount of fried bits, but not a lot of pieces with with chucks of meat.  It was mostly skin and coating or very thinly cut chicken.  Looking back I should have asked the waiter to take it back and ask for a new dish or something else.  Overall the dish tasted nice but needed some actual chicken in the fried chicken.