This is one of the central eateries in the CBD that do fish and chips. However, I do not know many people who come for the fish and chips, but I have not tried them so I cannot comment about it. What people do come for is their Vietnamese food. I have been several times but I decided to blog about it this time.

Deep Fried Spring Roll

These are very nice and not heavy or over 2015/01/img_6706.jpgpowering in taste. They are different to Chinese spring rolls as Vietnamese spring rolls use rice paper. Inside is vermicelli, wood ear fungus, beef or pork and is nice with the sauce of sugar, vinegar and pepper. It is not very presentable as the rice paper does burst when you deep fry it but that is what it does. Also presentation of the plate is a bit weird as they use a serviette on the plate to soak up the oil but if you leave the spring roll on it for a while it will stick to the serviette. Overall a great entree. I have also tried the non fried spring rolls and they are also good.

Beef Pho

Very 2015/01/img_6707.jpgfragrant smell comes from it when it first arrives. Lettuce, mint, lemon, fresh chili and bean sprouts comes on a side plate and can be added, which I did. Also a side sauce of hoisen and chili sauce which I added half of. The Soup is very flavorsome and has a lot of depth to it. It also has a nice amount of white pepper to it. The rice noodles are nicely cooked, had some texture to it and not over cooked. Beef was nicely sliced and I like how I can choose how I want my beef cooked kind of as they add it just before it comes to the table. Love the punch of the fresh chili. However I manage to put three into a spoon at once when I was drinking it and had a bit of a shock and coughing fit. I also love leaving the squeezed lemon in the soup as it gives this more zesty tasty from the oils of the lemon rind.

I love coming to this place and usually go there once every two months. Always a good cheap eat.