It’s the famous patisserie by the famous Adrian Zumbo. There is a little stall in Melbourne’s Emporium. It sells his baked goods and cakes. I decided to try some of their macaroons.


IMG_4426Bread and Butter Pudding (Bottom)
Lovely flavour but cannot taste the bread and butter flavour has a nice orange custard vanilla flavour to it and had lots of cream very nice though


Salted Buttered Caramel on Toast (Right)
Lovely flavor and not sweet at all. Nice hint of salt and nothing overpowering each other. Also has a nice crunchy texture to it and crispy shell. Compliments each other nicely


Salted Buttered Popcorn (Left)
Lovely creamy center with they nice Butter taste. Nice texture of broken up popcorn on top.  Lovely flavors and again not sweet.


Overall very nice macaroons. They are not too sweet and easy to eat.